September 5 2017

Nine-Eleven: More Monstrous than Cthulhu?




It is a mistake to fancy that horror is associated inextricably with darkness, silence and solitude.

H.P Lovecraft, Cool Air—1928

A shadow out of time

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was an American horror writer of the 20s and 30s. Within his remarkable and enduring fiction he gave us ‘The Cthulhu Mythos’ — providing a common plot theme that ran through much of his writing.

In brief, the mythos’ basic premise was that Earth was under threat from hidden, secretive entities — demonic god-like creatures which, while being immensely powerful were virtually impotent without the aid of legions of compliant acolytes willing to do the creatures’ bidding, even though by so doing they risked mankind’s very existence.

The reasons for this literary analogy will become apparent as you read on.

Horror of horrors

For many years I’ve been a fan of horror, both fiction and movies. Of the two, I tend to prefer fiction. The human mind has far greater capacity to imagine nightmarish scenes and to sense deeper outrage at barbarous atrocities and their consequences than even the best A-list actors backed by state of the art CGI can ever trigger through visual media. Film tends to fall short, failing to shock to the same degree.

Recently, however, I viewed a film that has so appalled me it created a feeling of such utter violation and triggered so deep-seated a fear for the future that several sleepless nights have ensued. Rather than protect you from experiencing the same discontent by warning you to avoid this film, I urge you to watch it.

The film concerns the events that occurred on 11th September, 2001. An event we now refer to as 9-11, as though the use of a bland tagline can ever serve to diminish the horrors of that day.

Painful viewing

Before you cry ‘conspiracy theory’ and dismiss what follows, consider that, while some conspiracy theories do indeed border on the bizarre, once the point is reached when sufficient evidence is presented that proves beyond any reasonable doubt that a conspiracy does in fact exist, it’s no longer a theory. What remains should then be the springboard for further investigation into the truth—a truth from which you have hitherto been denied.

The day the world changed

Nine-eleven set in motion such a cataclysmic chain of events that the world we now live in is almost unrecognisable to that of 2001. Now in 2017, as those in power look to North Korea and the evening news once again bears a sadly familiar yet deeply unsettling melody, I believe it’s time we woke up to the realities of what, in September 1991, George Bush senior referred to as his vision for ‘A New World Order’.

The film I urge you to watch is ‘9-11 Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out’ and is freely available on YouTube. Here’s the link:

What you have here is a collection of multi-disciplined experts—architects and engineers, explosive and demolition specialists—all presenting irrefutable evidence that the destruction of three World Trade Centre (WTC) buildings was the result of controlled demolition and not the result of a terrorist attack.

There’s not one spotty nerd crying ‘conspiracy’ among them.

These are men and women—all of whom have a vested professional interest in understanding the truth of that day—and who are willing to step up to the plate, lay their reputations on the line, present evidence and demand a full explanation of what really happened.

They include architects responsible for the design of high-rise buildings. Given that WTC 1 and 2 were buildings designed to withstand aircraft strikes and fire yet failed to remain intact under those very conditions, these people need to know why—as indeed should governments worldwide who also have tower blocks in their domains.

Click the link for more information

Look again — more closely

Rather than catalogue the film’s contents, I’ll leave you to view it yourself. But I urge you, watch the footage—yes, I know, we’ve seen it countless times. This time, watch it objectively, and with an inquisitive open mind. As you do, ask yourself:

  1. How did apparently oxygen-starved low temperature flames so irreversibly undermine the buildings’ steel support structures? Even had the aircrafts’ fuel not been instantly consumed by the initial fireballs (which it had), it would not attain sufficient temperature to melt steel. To believe this is to suggest that the fuel in a kerosene lamp burns at sufficient temperature to undermine the metal of the lamp itself. Nonsense.
  2. Given that the flames could NOT melt steel. What caused molten steel to pour down the sides of the buildings prior to their collapse?
  3. The NIST report suggested the upper floors of the buildings collapsed, causing a ‘pancake effect’, crushing the floors beneath. If this were so, the mass of the lower structure would provide resistance to the weight bearing down from above. Yet all three WTC buildings collapsed at free-fall speeds into their own footprints. For free-fall speeds to be attained, lower support integrity must be removed prior to the load impact from above. This can only be achieved through controlled demolition.
  4. What causes the series of explosions visible beneath the collapsing structure, running down in sequence during the collapse? Explosions that were heard by those present and can be heard in numerous video clips.

These are just a few of the many questions raised by the event and the misleading report that followed.

Of the many high-rise buildings worldwide that have experienced catastrophic fires, only three have collapsed as a result: WTC 1, 2 and 7. Some high-rise buildings have collapsed due to natural disasters. However, of all high-rise collapses, only three have dropped into their own footprint: WTC 1, 2 and 7.

World Trade Center 7: 9-11’s ‘Smoking Gun’

Often forgotten, yet referred to in the film as ‘The Smoking Gun’, World Trade Centre 7 was a 47-storey building that had not been struck by anything but debris from WTC 1 and 2, yet it collapsed at 5:20 that afternoon. In doing so it posed a whole new set of questions.

Further questions are raised when we look at the ‘attack’ on the Pentagon.

Impregnable fortress of ‘the free world’?

At that time, the Pentagon was protected by four military airbases and a ring of ground to air missile batteries. Yet on 9-11 we were told it had been struck by a hostile aircraft without triggering any defence of any kind.

We were later led to believe that the perpetrators were Muslim terrorists who had attained only a few hours flying lessons in small turbo-prop aircraft, yet were able to pilot the large, civil airliner, straight and true on an extensive low-level trajectory into the side of the most heavily defended building on the planet. Furthermore, it did so without leaving any evidence of passengers nor their luggage.

The Pentagon, 9/11/2001: Where were the passengers? Their luggage? The ‘plane?
Lockerbie – Pan Am 103: Widespread wreckage








If these doubts, together with the realities of metallurgy and the law of physics fail to stimulate you, perhaps the question below will prompt thought. The question has been asked numerous times in the media but perhaps you may have never considered it.


‘The Pet Goat’ mystery

A word in your ear …

On the morning of 9-11, George W. Bush was attending Booker Elementary School in Florida. We saw on the evening news how at 09:05 his aid informed him of the second strike as he was being read ‘The Pet Goat‘.

Official accounts indicate that, at that time, more hostile aircraft were suspected of being airborne — perhaps as many as eleven — yet despite the President’s itinerary having been common knowledge for four days, rather than whisk the US Commander-in-Chief to safety, the secret service staff remained waiting in the wings for a further twenty minutes. Why was this? Did Bush and his entourage know perhaps that they were safe?

Since 2001, the internet, our bookstores and libraries have become awash with an ever-increasing tide of media from individuals scandalised by the events of 9-11. As with our experts above, the authors are intelligent, patriotic individuals deserving a true explanation of the events, as indeed do the families of the thousands of victims from that day. Yet, despite the increasing noise from outraged individuals, the US government remains tight-lipped.

Evidence of an ‘inside job’

Overwhelming and irrefutable evidence now supports claims that the buildings’ collapse—indeed the events of 9-11 in general­—were the result of an ‘inside job’ rather than being committed by foreign agencies. But why? And by who?

These are questions that must be urgently answered before we allow the world to continue its spiral toward self-destruction, a demise that appears to be orchestrated by an elite few. A hidden elite whose power and wealth places them above the laws that govern the rest of us, and which provides them the leverage to mastermind and manipulate world events to meet their own hidden agendas.

Bush’s ‘New World Order’?

When considering the reality of 9-11, it is the consequences of that day that create such profound disquiet among those unwilling to accept the ‘official line’. What follows is an incomplete summary, but the cost of 9-11 includes:

  1. The war on terror, ensuing government sponsored fear and the US’s draconian Patriot Act.
  2. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  3. Ensuing middle-east instability.
  4. The Syrian civil war.
  5. Consequential mass migration to Europe.
  6. Demonisation of Muslims worldwide.
  7. Significant increase in radicalisation and resulting terrorist attacks on European cities.
  8. Millions of lives lost; countless others ruined.

As I said, this list is incomplete but should be sufficient for any free-thinking world citizen to cry ‘enough’. For in summary, the legacy of 9-11 represents the most fundamental threat to world stability and international security facing us today.

Left unchecked and driven by the warped ambitions of a chosen few, world events will—like the WTC buildings themselves—free-fall toward our widespread destruction.

Time to start listening

Pandora’s box

It has already been suggested by many observers that this ‘secret government’ within the US may have been manipulating world events from as early as 1918. Here we may be stepping into ‘conspiracy theory’ but given the above facts, it is worth looking back at a potted history of the twentieth century considering what we now suspect:

  • The first world war — the first ever ‘total war’ requiring mass mobilisation of industry toward the war effort — was a money-spinner on a vast scale for US industrialists. This windfall ceased with the armistice in 1918.
  • During the 1930’s Hitler came to power in a bankrupt Germany yet was bankrolled sufficiently to embark on vast building and military expansion projects, resulting in world war two.
  • By 1945 Europe lay in ruins and Germany was no longer a threat. Communism was on the rise, its eyes directed toward Asia.
  • The Korean war.
  • Assassination of JFK after he swore to oppose ‘secret societies’ and promised to prevent an American conflict with Vietnam.
  • The Vietnam war, netting further billions for US industries.
  • 9-11 and the ensuing events already listed above.

State-sponsored ‘perpetual war’

In George Orwell’s novel 1984, the author writes of a fictitious government that launches attacks against its own people to perpetuate fear and hatred of the enemy. Therefore, he surmises, perpetual war may be a secret state strategy to continuously further its own political agenda. Food for thought, don’t you think? Fiction often provides an insight into reality.

Pain avoidance

This post is the culmination of research I’ve undertaken driven by doubts I first had in 2001 when witnessing the shocking events in New York. Information is there for those willing to find it. Once realisation dawns, however, its implications create such levels of apprehension it explains why many, already traumatised by those events, choose to avoid greater anguish by ignoring the truth.

Perhaps it’s time to try

I opened with a quote by horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. I’ll close with a prophetic statement he included in his story ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ in 1928:

The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.

June 5 2017

A pause to reflect

First …

… a disclaimer. This is my personal blog, so what follows are my own views, expressed in my own way. I don’t expect my readers to agree with me and I respect your own opinions as I would hope you respect mine.

A sad day

Yesterday, like millions of my countrymen, I was deeply saddened by Saturday night’s events in London. Deeply saddened. Even those words don’t come close to summarising my feelings. Events such as this one and Manchester before it render words impotent; rendering me unable to adequately express my emotions, exacerbating my frustration.

On hearing of the frenzied knife attack I was close to tears — a feeling that would repeat itself several times through Sunday. Once again, hate-filled parasitic psychopaths were on the streets of this country slaughtering and maiming our people with apparent impunity. Yes, it cost them their lives, but the deed was done, their perverse mission accomplished.

Again, I was imagining the hospital beds with victims who’s lives had been ruined, their bodies maimed, their peace of mind torn asunder. Those grieving for loved ones who had been taken from them by crazed, hate-filled maniacs who loathe to see others enjoying life to the full.

My frustration was borne out of not only my inability to do anything in response, but my intense pride at being a Briton. Despite the seditious efforts of our nay-saying, finger-pointing, fear-mongering media, I’m proud of this nation, its heritage, accomplishments and values.

Britain is a fine country. The finest in my view. From this tiny island we have influenced world events like no other. Yes, our empire is long gone but its strength lives on in our very DNA. We are a strong nation, punching way above our weight when the need arises as it often has in the past. Our forces are the finest in the world, both military and civil. And our citizens are being murdered before our eyes. Often by people who we have given homes to, educated and supported through our welfare system.

Frustration was clearly evident yesterday, and little wonder. I even gave vent to my own anger with a couple of rants on social media. This doesn’t make me racist, it makes me human.

Yesterday I felt not only frustration but hatred, too. But where to direct that hatred?

The common denominator in the significant atrocities committed against this nation since nine-eleven has been that the perpetrators have been Muslim. I think I may be excused, therefore, for directing my own hatred toward Muslims in general.

Need for perspective

But I don’t like to hate. It saddens me and weakens my spirit. If I was to overcome this negative approach it was vital that I quickly view things in a different light.

It may be a simplistic and naive approach, but I often look to history to provide me with a sense of perspective on issues occurring today. If used wisely, history can be a great teacher. Allow me then to go back to 1972.

In the early to mid 70s I was a student at senior school here in north Lincolnshire. Unlike many areas of the country, we had a very small Muslim community. In fact, pre-1972 I don’t recall any being in my home town, though there may have been some. But you get my point.

That changed to some degree in 1972 when my home town received several families expelled from Uganda by tyrannical dictator, Idi Amin. Like another, more well known dictator before him, he perversely viewed the enterprising successes of one race — in this case the Ugandan Asians — as the reason for others’ failure. Following a period of victimisation and abuse he expelled them. Some of these were UK citizens and therefore came to Britain.

A warm welcome

The families that arrived in my home town quickly integrated into the community and I was soon able to call them ‘friends’ as they merged seamlessly into our school. One young lad excelled at sports yet retained a modesty and honesty that did him credit. He always greeted people with a smile and possessed a sunny disposition. This is despite his experiences while living in Kampala.

At a time when my own limited experience of horror was the weekly black and white ‘B’-movies aired on a Friday night, this plucky youth recounted one of his experiences to fellow students by reading an extract from his history essay to the whole class.

In it he described the brutality of Idi Amin’s thugs on the streets of Kampala, an event during which he saw one man have his penis severed and thrust into his mouth. We were stunned. That this unassuming youth had borne witness to such atrocity was beyond our imagining.

In the land of his birth, he and his people were being terrorised by others who viewed them as an alien, abhorrent race.

A couple of years later, the boy’s sister joined me at the company where I then worked. Like him, she had a lovely nature and brought joy to the office. She possessed such grace and poise that was so clearly evident it generated complimentary comment from many who saw her.

Ugandan Asians arrive in Britain – victims of terrorism

Maligned memories, and a ray of hope

These, too, were Muslims who yesterday I found myself regarding generally in an un-Christian manner. This tarnishing of their memory by today’s terrorists angered me even more. So much so that, having viewed the mass of negativity on social media, I felt moved to comment in response to the following post:

In my reply, I stated:

The Muslims I have known have been genuine, kind and loving people. Sadly, I now find I view all with suspicion. A tragedy in itself.

What followed were many responses from Muslims who, at the close of a very dark day, gave me a glimmer of hope for the future. In particular, I’d like to thank Aleesha who said:

… and when reminded that the terrorists shouted ‘this is for Allah’ replied:

No more representative than the man who shouted “Britain first!” as he viciously stabbed and shot Jo Cox.

Close the divide

Yes, I agree that steps must be taken to bring about an end to these wanton acts of medieval savagery on our streets. In doing so, I hope that the nation’s many Muslims who share our outrage and our fears come together in vigorous support of our government, whoever that may be. Only this way will the widening gulf between neighbouring people be bridged and finally drawn together.


I realise my small home town was only a miniature representation of Muslims and non-Muslims sharing the same community — but there were no enclaves, no isolated neighbourhoods separated by racial differences. We shared the same streets, school, interests and joys. Were were one community. It would be encouraging to think that, at some point in the future, this tiny model could be replicated throughout the country.