April 9 2017


Hello, you’ve arrived at the home page of my website and blog.

Confused and without limits

A multi-purpose pot-boiler

Here I showcase my writing and take the opportunity to confabulate about matters I care about. And what is a pot-boiler? In its definition Wikipedia provides a hint to what you might expect to find while you’re here:

Pot-boiler = … creative work of dubious literary or artistic merit …

Websites are dynamic by their nature

This one is no exception. What began simply as an author’s platform has undergone a shift — and will, no doubt continue to do so. While a swift glance at the menu to the right will reveal that some of the content is indeed of a literary nature (with a possible emphasis on horror and fantasy fiction), a closer inspection  reveals other stuff, too. For example:

A love of the outdoors

I begin each day with a walk out into the open countryside that surrounds my home village of Ulceby. The benefits to this are manifold, but one such is the inspiration to write that I receive while walking.

I regard my surroundings, here in rural ‘middle England’ as a gift, and may well write about them from time to time. When I do, it’ll be in the form of blog posts. To get you started, here’s one I did earlier in which I outline my approach to producing a bird-friendly wildlife garden:

Click on the pic.








Other content will be more personal.

Living with epilepsy

Anyone with epilepsy knows there are many consequential issues that add to the destructive nature of the condition and go way beyond simply seizures. As this site evolves I will express some of what it is to live with the condition, how it’s affected me, shaped my life and how it’s impacted on the lives of those around me.

Not all the content will appeal to everyone. But, while specialising may be a sound approach in website construction, by adding a touch of diversity to my own site I hope to reach a wider audience, prompt thought and (perhaps) some discussion along the way.

So, if you’ve arrived here attracted by my interest in dark fiction but find something else that you enjoy or touches you in some way, then my time and effort taken writing it will have been worthwhile.